coming joyfully to nursery

Life is for living and the nursery is the start of life in all its multitude of activities and opportunities.

about_img_1Whether it’s painting, playing, story-time, gardening, or sport, with so much to do, your child will love the nursery. The smiles on the faces say it all! At Seaward we run a Key Person system. This means that your child will be allocated a practitioner who is responsible for your child’s care, education and records.

Children are grouped according to their age. Children aged 12 months to 3 years are in our Seastars room. From 3 years and older the children progress to the Dolphins room. The nursery has a very secure and private garden where our children enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including gardening.

working with parents

about_img_2As a parent you want to know what your child is doing and how well he or she is doing. We want you to know everything because then we can work in partnership together. We adopt an open door approach and are always available to listen to you. You will be invited to regular parents’ meetings to find out what is happening and to meet the staff and the Key Person for your child. You will have regular newsletters, you will be told what activities your child is doing for the week, and even the day.

We appreciate and are aware of the tremendous resource we have in our parents. If you have a special area of knowledge, skill and/or expertise, which would benefit the children, please let us know.

healthy eating

During the latest OFSTED inspection (April  2009) Seaward Day Nursery was awarded an outstanding mark in the Healthy Child category in recognition of our dedication to providing the children with quality organic meals and snacks throughout a day.

about_img_3Our nursery successfully runs a Healthy Eating Policy and we take that one important step further by promoting organic produce. Around 70 % of our food is organic, including almost all dairy, bakery and meat that are exclusively organic. We can proudly say that all our snacks and meals do not contain any artificial additives, excessive salt or sugar, and no hydrogenated fats. We provide generous portions of oily fish during the week, as well as organic chicken and beef. We are constantly introducing more varieties of fruit and vegetables, and actively encouraging children to talk and learn more about different foods. Our curriculum is firmly based on establishing healthy eating patterns for life.